Why I Chose to Write A Ghost Tale

In Wuthering Heights,  Emily Bronte stated:  “I have a conviction that ghosts can and do exist amongst us.”

I’ve always held the same sentiment.  In my own family, there have been many incidents.  The night my grandpa died, my father dreamt he was at a party.  My grandpa came to him and said he was very happy and at peace.  He didn’t want his son to mourn.  The next day, family gathered together to remember my grandfather.  My dad was telling some people about his dream, when my grandfather’s sister interrupted.  “Wait.  Was he wearing a…..?”  My father said, “Yes.”  “Was he drinking a…..”  “Yes.”  “And did he also say….”  “Yes.”   This went on and on.  It turned out they’d had exactly the same dream to the most minute details.

When my own nana passed, I asked to have her old music box.  She’d had it forever and I always associated it with her.  Since having it in my home, there have been several incidences when it has started playing on its own.  These were at times when I was feeling depressed or worried.

Only a month or so ago, my other grandmother came to me in a dream.  She told me to tell my mom to be careful and she loved her.  I called home to find out my mother was in the hospital.  She’d fallen shortly after my dream.  (mom’s okay, btw)

People all around the world have similar tales.  Sightings, hearings, prophetic warnings from dreams…

  To me- the idea of ghosts existing amongst us is quite natural.  Some benevolent, some gray, some malevolent. 

The veil between the spirit world and the world of the living is delicate.

I’ve always loved reading ghost stories.  From Lefanu to M.R. James to Blackwood.  To my dismay, however, there are very few ghost novels.   Of course, there is, “The Turn of the Screw” by Henry James. (though technically a novella)   I’ve heard Susan Hill’s, “The Woman in Black” is great.   Unfortunately, I haven’t read it yet.   Shirley Jackson’s, “The Haunting of Hill House” is one of my favorite novels- but I’m not sure if it can be described  as a ghost tale.

  So I decided to write my own old-fashioned, full-length ghost tale.  The process is frustrating, wonderful, painful, fun, exasperating, and exhilarating. 

And I love every painful moment.

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