Dreaming Process of Writing

Writers sometimes become afflicted with that horrible disease known as, “writer’s block”.

Here are my tips for stimulating the imagination.

I call it, “The Dreaming”.

Here are some exercises:

1. Dreams

Dreams are a magnificent source of inspiration.  Some of your greatest ideas come during sleep.  It is vital to keep a journal and pen under your pillow.  Every morning, as soon as you awake- record your dreams.  Even if you can only recall one or two words/items from it- write it down!  After awhile, your dreams will become more and more vivid.  You will notice common themes to use in your work.  You may even dream an entire story!

2. The Twilight Zone (the state between sleep and wakefullness)

lie down, shut your eyes, breathe, and relax.

Simply lie there- allowing different colors, forms, and scenes to form in your mind’s eye. 

The longer you can stay in this state- the more your creative juices will start flowing.  That is because you are in your subconscious.  The left-brained logical side of the mind has gone to bed. 

Note: don’t try to push any images.  Just relax and enjoy lying in bed after a hectic day at work or school.

– go to bed before you are too tired.  You don’t want to fall asleep right away.

– don’t worry if no images come.  Just being in this state will increase your creativity during the day

3.  Automatic Writing

sit or lie down.  Use a computer or pen&paper.  Take several deep breaths.  Relax.  Meditate and/or call upon your Muse if you desire. 

Once relaxed- just sit there until words start coming.  Don’t analyze them.  Don’t wonder if it is your subconscious or if you’ve linked to a higher being.  It really doesn’t matter.  (not for the exercise, anyway).  Like with dreams- you will notice patterns if you do this frequently enough.  In between the surreal passages- you may find the genesis of a story.


The subconscious is a muscle like any other.  The more it is used- the stronger it will become.

Recommended Book:

Dreamgates by Robert Moss

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