Writing Promise for Saturday

 It’s now 6:50 a.m.   I crawled out of bed at 2 am to watch the Sox vs Sox ballgame. (the wrong colored socks won, but that’s another story)  My fried brain tried to figure out how many drafts I’ve done of this novel.  Forget it.  Just thinking about it makes me need an aspirin.

In one of my posts, I wrote about ways to deal with writer’s block.  The funny thing is- I’ve never had writer’s block in my life.   I have the opposite problem.  So many ideas, thoughts, friggin characters floating in my head  it’s difficult for me to focus on one story at a time.  My mind works like some kind of Dali dream.  Great for the imagination.  Not so great for writing things done properly.  Thus, my drafts are a surreal mismash of ideas that must be brought together in coherent form.

I’ve come to the realization that I must outline.   Outlining is not for everyone.  Some people really find it stifles them.   However, since my brain is so wacky, I’ve realized if I personally don’t outline, I’m always going to be drowning in this work.  It’s going to continue to change and grow in so many more different ways- I’ll have even more stories to contend with!

So here’s the deal.  Today, I am resolved to outline my entire novel.  Each chapter.  To do so- I will go through my last few drafts to see what works/ what didn’t.  And figure out where each element should go.   I refuse to go to sleep today until my chapter outline is completed.     I want this draft to be the semi-final one.  All pretty and polished for when I submit to my beta readers.

Anyhow, I figure if I publically announce my goal for the day- I can’t back out of it.

Here’s to tons of tea and coffee! 🙂

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  1. Luck luck luck!

    I know what you mean about having the opposite of writer’s block, and especially the never-ending drafts. Eventually, though, it does all shake out into one manuscript, as long as you keep at it. : )

    clinking my coffee mug with yours,


  2. Thanks SO much Leftywritey for your support. Much appreciated! I will be honest and admit I wasn’t able to complete the detailed chapter outline on Saturday. But, the good news is I’ve made great progress on it. Now things are coming together in logical sequence. I’m really excited to spend this whole weekend writing. 🙂

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