Wednesday Writing Update

Time moves at a different speed when you’re stuck inside a novel.  The outside world has no significance in comparison with what’s going on in your head.   Olympics?  What Olympics?  Oh- the thingie on the television in the background.  For something totally off topic- I do think I’m the only person who enjoys synchronized swimming.   The ballet, artistry, and grace involved.  Okay, it is a bit creepy.  But still pretty fascinating.


Okay, back to my novel…

 I’ve been working like mad on my chapter outline.  The bad news is that I didn’t finish it in one day like I’d planned.  The good news is that I’ve made great progress.  The surreal Dali drafts are finally coming together.  And me, being the optimist that I am, is focusing on the latter.  🙂


Ideally, my novel would be about 50,000 to 55,000 words.  But I know very short novels can be even more difficult to shop around, so I am aiming for 60,000.  

Here’s my math:

Courier New Font: 250 w per page

240p X 250w= 60,000 words

My chapters tend to be rougly 10 pages.

Therefore, I need about 24 chapters

(I hate math, btw)

Thus far I’ve mapped out the first 15 chapters.   And I know how the novel ends.   (have the last couple of chapters in my head)  So  basically, I need to flesh out about 7 chapters between.

Naturally, I may not stick to such a rigid guide- but I’m finding it useful as a blueprint.

Even though I wasn’t going to do any real writing until my outline was complete- I’ve been going crazy.  I had to take out my laptop today and strike those keys.  I edited (again) the first two chapters.  The third chapter needs a total rewrite which I plan to attack tonight. 

 A week without writing has been torturous…

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  1. Good luck tonight with Chapter 3! It definitely sounds like you’re moving along. I’m with you on the Olympics. I forgot they were even this summer, and sometimes I’m so into my story that the outside world can turn and turn without my notice. Tonight, my goal is a first draft of my synopsis on the book I’m querying. Ick.

  2. Hi April,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and giving your encouragement. Much appreciated! 🙂

    Lots of luck with your synopsis!


  3. Luck luck luck on Chapter Three! : )

    Meeting deadlines or not, it sounds like you’re chugging along wonderfully. And I know what you mean about not knowing what’s going on in the world/around you when immersed in the world of your novel. There were times I didn’t even know what day it was, lol.

    Em : )

  4. Thank you, Em! Your posts are always so warm.

    Yesterday, I did revise Chapter Three as planned. I’m still not satisfied with it, however. So today I want to go back over it and then begin revising Chapter Four.

    And then- I have all weekend to dive into the perilous world of my novel. yeah!

    Tons of luck with your queries. Keep us posted! 🙂

    All the best,


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