Mad Writing Weekend

As I wrote in my last post, even though I didn’t finish the full chapter outline- I had to start writing again.  Once those fingers hit the keys, I was a  bird set free from its cage.

The one good thing about forcing myself not to write for that horrid week (so I could concentrate on going through earlier drafts and decide what was working and what wasn’t)-  is now I am filled with so much renewed enthusiasm.

Yup- I wrote like mad this weekend.  Rewrote four chapters.  About 40 pages.

   But it was maddening. 

   Saturday: Although I was filled with delicious energy- nothing would come out right.  All the wonderful images in my head refused to be released onto paper.  I wrote, I tried to write, I stalked about my living room, I drank tea and more tea, I tried to write more.  I forced myself to keep at it.  When I finally crawled into bed, though I was proud that I hadn’t given up that day- I still felt bluesy.  Totally mentally and emotionally exhausted from the effort.

Then Sunday came.  Sunday has always been my favorite day of the week.  Even more so, now that I live in Germany where everything is closed.  There is a special aura to the day- a beauiful silence. 

While I usually enjoy writing with the tv on in the background- yesterday I dwell in that stillness.  I began typing in the early morn and soon I was in that magical flow state.  Time didn’t exist.  I wrote and wrote.  The sun faded.  I finished Chapter Six.

And now it’s on to Chapter Seven…

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  1. It’s a fierce grace, isn’t it, the flow state and writing?

    I’m so happy for you, that you had such a good writing day.

    The bed feels so much softer and inviting after such a mad day, doesn’t it? : ) We earn our keep, and earn our sleep page by page.


  2. Em,

    So true. I slept wonderfully last Sunday night. Now, another weekend is here. I hope that “fierce grace”- strikes again. There’s something mystical about writing in the flow state.

    I loved your post comparing queries to chocolate chip cookies, btw. What a cute (and accurate) way you depicted it. I can’t wait to run back over to your blog once I have more time.

    take care,

  3. Thank you Tasha! My blog rolls out the red carpet for you. : )

    There *is* something mystical about the flow state, definitely. I’m grateful I can enter it, myself.

    Yes, here’s another weekend — but mine will be out in the heat picking up brush and rocks as we clear an area to put up a horse shade. I’ll be out there keeping an eagle eye on my husband, because when he’s on that tractor, he’s possessed.

    I don’t want even one tiny bush uprooted if it doesn’t have to be. I love the desert greenery.

    Hope your weekend is *awesome*.


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