Three Mean Ghosts

Okay.  I haven’t had the flu in several years.  So, last week the Flu Fairy decided to pay me a visit.   With a vengeance.   One minute I was at work.  The next I was lying on my sofa- coughing, sniffling, and basically thinking,  “Gee this sucks.  Being sick was a lot more fun when I was a kid and got to stay home from school.  Back then I got big bowls of yummy ice cream and there was actually good stuff on afternoon TV.”

So, for two days I went in and out of consciousness as Three  Mean Ghosts visited me.  The conversation was pretty much one sided.

Ghost of Writers Past: “Look at how much time you’ve wasted!  Time! Time! Time!”

Me:  Sneeze

Ghost of Writers Present:  “Look!  She still procrastinates.  Nothing can be said.  It is a lost cause.”

Me:  Cough  Cough

Ghost of Writers Yet to Come:   “You will never finish your novel!  It will languish forever…tormenting you until you go mad!!!”

Me:  Sniffles

Well, I certainly wasn’t going to allow three skeletal dudes with bad manners make me feel guilty.   Not in my own frigging home!  Not when they weren’t even gracious enough to bring me some mint chocolate chip ice cream.

But..okay… yeah.  They got to me.  Having taken this week off from work- I’ve thus far held my pledge of writing at least 10 p. a day.  Now I’m at p. 82 of my second draft.

Basically, I don’t know the real meaning behind this post.  One: I have a guilt complex which causes me to hallucinate.  Two: turning a bad situation into a good one.  Or three:  I just felt like posting.

Ah…the winner is probably the third one.

Nah- all three.

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  1. I get those ghosts all the time!

    And I’m sorry about the flu. I just had monster cold and went through a whole box of tissues in record time!

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks! I’m feeling a lot better now. (hear you about those boxes of tissues!) I hope you’re totally over your cold.

    I think all writers are haunted by some extent by those pesky ghosts!


  3. Sending big free-range chicken soup hugs and boxes of kleenex with the lotion in it. : )

    I hope you’re feeling better. I have my appointment with the flu scheduled for a few days before Thanksgiving, like usual. : P


  4. Hey Em!

    Thanks! There is nothing better than homemade chicken soup when you’re sick.

    Actually, I am feeling a lot better now. But I’ll still take the soup. 🙂

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