NaNo: Ghosts and Murder

Hey all,

Approaching  2 a.m. here.  Should be sleeping as I have work early in the morning.  I’m going to be such the zombie.

Since insomnia has hit,  here’s a bit of what’s going on in my NaNo novel:

My  (living) 15 year-old protagonist is trying to communicate with the dead 15 year-old girl.  My 28 year-old protagonist just summoned an evil spirit to assist her in a certain deed.   I’m not sure what my third protagonist is doing at the moment.  Maybe she took some laudanum and is sleeping the day away.

Anyhow, after work tomorrow, (or should I say today?) it’s unfortunately, time to kill off one of my favorite characters.  Sadly, he must die for the sake of the story.

What’s going on with your novels?

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  1. My heroine has just done something to SERIOUSLY piss off the murderer. And she has no idea. la-la-la!

    I love ghost stories. My last year’s NaNo was a paranormal mystery featuring ghosts.

  2. Hmmm….never a good thing to piss off murderers! Is there going to be an attempt on her life?

    What happened to your NaNo paranormal mystery? Is it being shopped around or are you still revising it?

    Gawd, I *so* need to try to get some sleep now!

  3. My MC is about to travel across the country to visit her ailing mother with whom she has been communicating with through her dreams.

  4. I’ve got an agent reading a partial, but I’m getting a bit despondent. After I finish this novel, I’ll probably take another look at it and then ship out another round of submission.

    I’m getting pretty sleep myself. I need 600 more words for todays quota.

  5. Hi C.J. Harley,

    Cool! I’ve written some stories that involve dreams in the past. I practice lucid dreaming in real life- and find the topic endlessly fascinating. I toyed in fact with including dreams in this work as well- but figured ghosts, witchcraft, and astral projection was sufficient. 🙂

    Best of luck with your work. I’m very interested in hearing how it goes.

  6. Oh, Mary- don’t get despondent. The fact that an agent is looking at it is a very good sign.

    Of course, it never hurts to look at it with fresh eyes. It can be so difficult to be objective about our own work.

    Good luck reaching your daily quota! 🙂

  7. Thank you, Gypsy, for the comment. I look forward to following your blog. :o)

  8. Mmm… laudanum.

    Today on the subway I realized how my heroine could get out of a walled town (wall’s 12 feet tall) while she’s in a horse-drawn carriage (gates are too heavily guarded to plow through). She has no ropes or weapons or distractions.

    She gets the carriage up against the wall, climbs on to the carriage roof and is able to get over the wall. I know, not exactly a MacGyver moment, but I was so pleased at figuring it out that I missed my stop.

  9. Hi C.J.,

    The same in return. 🙂

  10. Hey Marian,

    Sounds like a great plan. You have a cool heroine, there.

    And I can totally picture that happening to you on the subway. I think we all get so lost in our works (minds) sometimes! 🙂

  11. My MC has just kissed someone she did NOT expect to kiss and now must contend with figuring out a government conspiracy AND a romantic entanglement. So tough on her, but she can take it!

  12. Colby,

    But did *you* expect your MC to kiss the dude then? Or is she misbehaving on ya?

    btw- I am sure any heroine of yours can kick total ass. 🙂

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