Beth, My Witch

Traveling through the internet, I came across someone who commented that the Harry Potter novels were an insult to Wiccans.  Head scratch.  Huh? How can Ms. Rowlings be insulting Wiccans, when Wiccans, in no way, shape, or form are ever mentioned in any of her novels?

Then, I came across a review of Lara Parker’s novel, Angelique’s Decent. Ms. Parker portrayed the character, Angelique, in the hit 1960’s gothic soap opera.  The reviewer said that the character of Angelique (evil witch) was false because Wiccans do not perform evil spells.  One of the main tenants of the Wiccan Religion is: “if it harms none, do what you will.”  And they believe what someone does returns three-fold.

Okay.  True.  But, the character of Angelique couldn’t be a false portrayal of a Wiccan, because the character was not Wiccan.   The term was never used in any of the 1,225 episodes of the show.   Anquelique was born in the 17th century and practiced Voodoo.   Now, if anyone was to be upset about the portrayal, it would be a Vodounist, since the show depicted it in the stereotypical, malign Hollywood fashion rather than the complex, beautiful religion it really is.

Now, what does this have to do with the novel I am writing?  My character, Beth, practices witchcraft.   Psychic experiences in early childhood led her into reading famous occult texts.  She is a very gray character- using magic sometimes for good, sometimes for bad.

Beth wishes me to clearly state to any possible, future Wiccan readers that she is not a false/negative portrayal of you or your religion.   She lives in the 19th century.  Not only does she not practice your religion, she has never even heard of it.   Her actions-good, evil, and in betwixt-  have absolutely nothing to do with you.

Okay, now that Beth has (hopefully) cleared all this up- she is urging me to get offline and continue with her story.    🙂

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  1. As a Wiccan for 20 years I do not take offense at fictional portrayals of WItchcraft. Just thought that Beth would like to know

    Mama Kelly

  2. Hi Mama Kelly,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment.
    I actually practiced Wicca for some years, myself. Turns out it didn’t quite mesh with me, but I have great respect for it.

    I am making the witchcraft Beth uses realistic. By that, I mean, she uses such things as magic mirrors, dreamwork, astral projection, etc. Techniques that real-life occultists have used throughout time. Versus the, “snap your finger, lightning bolts appear” fictional magic that appears in high fantasy novels.

    Though I wish we could really just twitch our nose like Samantha! 🙂

  3. Ah to twitch my nose and clean my house, for that ability I would give much. LOL

    I look forward to the day your book hits the shelves. One can never read enough speculative fiction, in my own humble opinion.

    Best of luck to you!

  4. Some people are just a wee bit quick to cry insult these days, I think. Hell, if I got pissed off every time there was a *geniunely* stupid portrayal of Wiccans in media the top of my head would be orbiting Pluto right now. Going looking for it where it doesn’t exist seems like a good way to have a stroke before you reach 30.

  5. Hi Amy,

    Thank you very much for stopping by.

    So agree.

    I could totally understand someone being upset if they read a book where the characters were *specifically* stated to be Wiccans- but important elements of the religion were never mentioned, such as the Rede. And they were depicted as evil. There’s enough horrible prejudice without adding to the nonsense.

    But I think that some people have forgotten the fact that just because someone practices witchcraft or the occult (whether it be in real life or in fiction)- does not at all mean the person is in any way associated with Wicca.

    Wicca is a religion. Witchcraft is well…a craft. 🙂

  6. Good post. I find that many a conversation/comment surrounding Harry Potter stems from ignorance because many times, the commenter hasn’t even read the story. I think lots of times with cases like these and the novel you speak of, sometimes people just want to stir “junk” up rather than just enjoy art for what it is.

  7. Hey there Colby,


    The weird thing is I’m used to hearing Fundamentalists rant about HP. I guess Ms. Rowlings gets it from all sides. And all the complaints are utter nonsense.

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