Meme: Seven Degrees of Separation

In my short time having this blog,   I’ve discovered my Astro Sis (waves hello to  Digital Dame).  And now, in the wee hours of the morn, I have learnt of my Telepath Sis: LeftyWritey.

This afternoon, while I was procrastinating  taking a break from writing, I went over to Ms. Uppington’s Blog. (All  Things Good) Scrolling down, I came across a post that somehow I’d missed.  She’d written a Meme back at the end of January, and further, she’d Memed me.

So, today I spent some time wondering what little  tidbits to reveal. And just short moments ago,  at 2 a.m. in the morning, I received an email from Ms. Lefty.  Out of the friggin blue, she asks if I know I was Memed a month ago, and am I going to write one?

Um.  Yeah.  I am.

Let’s see…

1.   If I wasn’t aiming to be a full-time writer, I’d want to be a professional researcher of some sort.  Whether it be anthropologist, archeologist, historian, or parapsychologist.  The wonderful thing about writing fiction is I can combine my never-exhausted imagination with my interest in these fields of study.  

2.  I love chess.     Bring it on.

3.   I collect Agatha Christie novels.   Didn’t intentionally set out to, but having discovered  I owned almost all hers in English, and a few in German,  I figured I should get them all.   And that older pulp covers would be fun to get too…

4.  I never go anywhere without a book in my purse.  (except like last week when I ran to Customs to pick up a package and ended up in the waiting room for two hours)

5.  I’m superstitious.  Never open an umbrella inside or walk under ladders.   I figure people must have had some reason for these warnings; and hey, better safe than sorry.

On that same note: I believe in the Sock Fairy and the Pen Fairy.  Really.  They exist.  Buy a new package of socks and see how long it takes before half of ’em disappear.   Now, the Pen Fairy, rather than being an all-out thief like her cousin, always returns the pens.   She just likes to put them back where they never were.  Or, hours later, where they were supposed to be, but weren’t.  

6.   I love Farscape.   Otherwise known as “Crack TV”.   And, like any self-respecting addict, try to hook others.   You want rich storylines filled with complex, realistic characters?  TV episodes filled with drama, laughs, romance, adventure, goofiness all rolled in one?  Just start watc…

7.    I much prefer  old black and white films to modern.   Often feel as though I were born in the wrong time, except I want today’s conveniences and Rights.   So, basically I belong in some alternative historySteampunk novel.

 So.  There.  Done.

I’m not going to Meme people as I’m not sure who’s been tagged already.  But if you feel like procastinating, this is a fun way to do it.   So carry on…


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  1. Hooray for your Meme!

    I don’t know about telepath, but I can be pretty serendipitous.

    Also, when I get upset, or very anxious, light bulbs blow. For real.

    Just a talent I have. : )

    Now, if only I could read fate’s mind for the lottery numbers.

    My meme is done today, too, but I haven’t posted it yet because I still have to pick five people to tag.

    I loved yours.

    I love old movies, too.

    The sock and the pen Fairies cracked me up! I know! So true! : )

    Too funny.


  2. Hey Em!

    Or should I call you, “Carrie”? Hee hee. I’m wondering how many of my query critiques have caused light bulbs in your house to explode.

    Can’t wait to see your meme. Sure it will be very interesting and full of your usual exuberance. 🙂

  3. I have to admit, some of the memes I’ve run across lately are pretty fun.

    And I too believe in the Pen Fairy. She is far kinder to you than to me, it seems: mine never come back from PenFairyLand.

  4. Lol! I’m living in darkness as I fumble for those query percentages, lol. 98%. 99%. There goes the lightbulbs, pop pop pop.

    I’m going to have to write my *&^%@^ query in Braille, pretty soon. : )


  5. I Loved “Farscape”! They had such a wealth of different characters, not just that they were all different species, but really well-rounded, interesting characters. I loved Zhaan in particular.

    Is Steampunk still around?

  6. Amy,

    Hmm….Maybe there is some sort of pen sacrifice ritual you must do.

  7. Em,

    I’d love to see the look on Mr. Leftywritey’s face whenever he realizes he has to run to the store to get *another* light bulb.

  8. Hey DD,

    Only fitting that my Astro Sis should be a Farscape fan.

    Yeah. Zhaan was great. The plant Priestess. So caring and peaceful. And so freaky when pissed off. And sunlight gave her orgasms! How cool would *that* be!

    There doesn’t seem to be that much steampunk out there. Something else I want to try my hand at.

  9. My Meme is finally posted. : )


    (I live in rural darkness. After all your query crits, no light bulbs remain. Well, expect the one in my head, but that’s not helping my shin, none, when I bump into the corner of tables. : )

    Em (I think it’s me. I can’t see too well, lol.)

  10. Mr. Lefty buys in bulk.



  11. Tasha, I just figured you’d chosen to pass on the whole meme thing. Or else I forgot that I tagged you at all… my memory ain’t what it once was. Thanks for playing – I think maybe the Pen Fairy takes the pens from my house and returns them at yours. All we’ve got is broken pencils. I don’t think she likes us.

    Em – too funny about the light bulbs. I’ve got this mental cartoon image of you sitting at the computer, getting an idea (cue the traditional light bulb idea gag) only the lightbulb shatters with the intensity…

  12. Hey Uppington,

    Actually, it would be cool if your Pen Fairy could give me your pens. I always need more. Alas, she only returns ones that were already mine. Maybe someone else in our blogging group is the culprit. 🙂

  13. Haha…the only superstition I really worry about is the Scottish play. I’ve seen it wreak havoc, and I ain’t messin’ with that!

  14. Hey Colby,

    I’ve heard actors are never supposed to utter the name, “Macbeth” in the theatre. (except in line reading, of course)

  15. wait! I hope I didn’t just curse myself by not calling it “The Scottish Play”.

    Okay, I just yahooed ways to reverse the curse.

    Here I go: “Thrice around the circle bound, Evil sink into the ground.”
    “Thrice around the circle bound, Evil sink into the ground.”
    “Thrice around the circle bound, Evil sink into the ground.”

    And uh, just for good measure, a quote from Hamlet. Uh, let’s see: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

  16. Hey Tasha, I enjoyed your blog today. I DO read it from time to time and am always impressed. Nasha

  17. Hey! It’s Nasha! My *real* sis. Hugs!!!!!!!!

    And, in case anyone might be wondering, that’s a joke nickname between the two of us. Our parents didn’t name as rhyming names. They’re not *that* odd. 🙂

  18. Uppington — hahaha!

    Let’s add ALL your mental cartoons together so far — I guess I’m STANDING at the computer bursting the idea lightbulb while my husband plucks cactus needles out of my butt, lol.

    : )


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