Novel Update: The Star (tarot)

music playing:  Maria Callas, Casta Diva

For the second time, I shut my eyes and drew a tarot card to write about in relation to my novel and the writing process itself.

I opened my eyes and looked upon The Star.  A  woman stands in a pond and scoops up the water that flows upward into her hands.   A  blue star shines above.

The Star is a card of hope and healing.   Of  help from unexpected sources. It speaks, not of today, but of tomorrow.    Rainbows form after storms. Dreams are possible- but it is up to the Querent to make them come true.   

The last three days, I had a hellish time revising Chapter Eight.  I would have teared out my hair if it weren’t for my Leonine vanity.   But I kept at it, reminding  myself how important my story is to me.  And that I could do it.

I received wonderful words of encouragement and inspiration from my writer friends.

Saturday 7 p.m. :   Chapter Eight revised. 

As The Star suggests, my novel won’t be finished today.    And there will, no doubt, be more struggles as I revise the second half.  But I am one chapter closer to the end.

Thank you to everyone for all your support.  Here are freshly baked magickal brownies:  not only are they delicious, but they also help you write!

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  1. The Star is one of my favorite Tarot cards. I can’t help but feeliing both peaceful and hopeful looking at it.

    Yum! Thanks for the brownies! 🙂

  2. Good work! Wow you’re really making good progress.

    The Star is one of the cards I have to see before I’ll buy a deck. If I don’t like the artist’s depiction of that one, I can’t use the deck.

    Thanks for the brownies! 🙂 I’ll take all the magickal help I can get.

  3. Jenna,

    I felt the same way when looking at the Star. And it really seemed to fit after having just finished a relatively difficult chapter.

    – take as many brownies as you’d like. 🙂

  4. thanks DD!

    Aren’t the magickal brownies great? I need to find a way to market them… 😉

  5. One of my favorite cards as well.

    I like the idea of using Tarot as part of the process, too. Maybe I’ll incorporate it into outlining. 🙂

    *takes a brownie*

    Mnnn. Yummy.

  6. hm…is that what they mean when they say “special brownies”??? *wink*

  7. Amy,

    I hope you have better luck using the tarot for outlining. I did way back when- but my characters formed a revolt.

  8. Colby,

    Good lord. I can barely control my characters now. All hope would be gone if they indulged in *those kinda brownies*. They’d probably insist on dressing in bell-bottoms and tie-dye.

  9. Tomorrow things are going to make a left turn in current WIP. I had a dream of a scene that until recently I didn’t think I would write because of it’s “adult” content, but now I think I found the right mix that should,I hope not derail the scene or for that matter the whole work. Getting close to the finish.

    I like the water imagery.

    Very powerful stuff.

  10. Ralfast,

    Oh, tons of good luck with your WIP! I find dreams to be an invaluable source of inspiration. 🙂

  11. Very very Nice site. Hello and congratulations from Spain

  12. Tarot-

    Thank you! 🙂

  13. Congrats on the chapter 8 revisions. It can be a long process, darlin’ so don’t despair. I started revising my novel in November and just sent it back to my agent two weeks ago. It was well worth the journey for me as a writer. Keep eating those brownies and writing 🙂

  14. Thank you, Nancy.

    I really appreciate your support.

    Major congrats to you for finishing your revision! It must be so thrilling for you. 🙂

  15. Congrats on getting more chapter out of the way. And brownies… YUM!

  16. Thanks, C ! 🙂

  17. Kudos! keep flowing 🙂
    I love that you use the Tarot to inspire and reflect on your writing. I am similar with my astrology. I have a beautiful Tarot set but I have not explored it enough. Are there any online sources you know for self-learning?
    **munch, munch** 😉

  18. Hey Jan,

    Have you looked at Joan Bunning’s site, Totally free, but she did publish a book as well.

  19. Hey Janflora!

    Thank you! I’m glad you like how I’m using the tarot.

    I also plan to do an astrology post. (How my signs may influence my writing)

    Enjoy the brownies! 🙂

  20. DD- thanks for the tarot link! 🙂

  21. You are more than welcome, Astro Sis.

  22. Gypsy, you are so intriguing. I have never done the tarot cards. I would love to try it, but I don’t have a clue what to do. I did a computer animated one once, but I’m not so sure those are accurate?

    I like that you use it for guidance in writing. Great idea.

  23. Hi Malanie,

    Thank you!

    I’ve never used an online tarot site. Some people do seem to enjoy them…but I can’t imagine not feeling the cards in my hands while I shuffle.

    I enjoy Tarot, but am in no means an expert. My one advice would be to get a deck in which you really connect emotionally to the pictures and let your instincts guide you. (most decks come with little booklets that have card meanings and layouts)

    A perfect person to speak to on the subject of Tarot is Digital Dame.

    “Hey, D D!”

  24. Hey-hey! 🙂

    I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have, MaLanie.

  25. BTW, I keep meaning to mention this, while we’re on the subject of Tarot. Here’s another deck that I have been watching for awhile. It’s not finished yet so not available, but thought you might like the artwork.

    Elemental Tarot

    The artist is posting the cards as she completes them.

  26. Astro Sis!

    Good thing I check my spam before deleting it. *You* were in there! Don’t worry, as you can see, I rescued your comment.

    I’ll check out the link. Thanks! 🙂

    Oh, and remember how I said I hadn’t noticed decks around here? I did spot some last week. I guess when you’re not looking…

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