Got Muse? A Writer-to-Writer Meme

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Hey everyone,

My great pal (and really talented writer) Ms. Emily Leftywritey created a little survey for writers on her blog.

Here it is, with my answers:

 1) Where do you write?

 In the living room with my netbook on my lap.

2) When do you write?

My best hours are ten p.m. to seven a.m.  So, I tend to stay up really late some days, or get up really early on others. 

 3) Planner or Pantser?   Pantser for the first drafts.  Once I know what my story truly is, then I do a chapter outline. 

4. coffee or tea?  I love both.  depends on my mood.

 5) Pen and paper, or computer?  computer for the actual writing.  I love jotting down ideas in my paper journals.

 6) What gets you in the writing mood?   Writing, itself.  I’ve noticed the more I write, the more I want to write.

As for inspiration, just about everything inspires me.  I’m a magpie like that- attracted to shiny ideas everywhere.

 7) What pulls you out of the writing mood?  Tiredness.

 8 What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever read/heard/received?

“Inspiration comes from the writing”.    I’ve found that to be true.  I used to wait to be in the mood.  That’s fine if you write as a hobby.  But if you want to be a professional writer, you have to be able to write sometimes when you don’t feel like it.   When you’re blocked, you have to type away, even if it’s crap at first, until the answers come to you.

 9) Got muse?  Yup.   She helps me as long as I prove myself to her by working hard.  When I get lazy, she takes off.  She hates sloth.

10) Who is the biggest supporter of your writing? Luckily, I have tons of support.  My family and friends have always encouraged me.  I know I’m blessed for that, because a lot of writers don’t have that same kind of support.    I’ll say my parents, because they were my first supporters.

Okay, if you would like to do the meme, just go over to Leftywritey’s blog and leave her a note.  You should go there anyway because she’s made of awesomeness.

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  1. Great stuff, but you left a tiny detail…no link to the original blog!

  2. The more you write the more you want to write is definitely true for me as well.

  3. Hey Ralfast!

    Hmm…I can be daft like that.

    She’s over on my blog roll: Lefty in My Write Mind

    Note: I wasn’t able to leave a comment on her blog today to announce my post. Not sure if the glitch is on her end or mine. Probably mine as I’ve been having trouble commenting on a few blogs today.

  4. Hey Trisha!

    Yeah, for me it’s like energy feeding energy. 🙂

  5. I can relate to “more I write, the more I want to write” as well. Simply the act of starting to write can be a self-sustaining force that propels me forward. Great meme. I am off to check on Em’s.

  6. Oh, I loved your Meme, Tasha.

    I always thought it was just me, being so very interested in other writers and their processes, until reading online and other blogs and finding I’m soooooo far from the only writer who is so mesmerized.

    I have so many books on writers/the creative process/the study of creativity they’re beyond count.

    Wow, that you write all night. I haven’t pulled all nighters since college, and even then, my mind rebelled. But yeah, it’s one of the best times to write, when the rest of the world is sleeping. I like the image of you up all night in the living room, keeping literary watch and creating new worlds.

    I just realized I left out a question — 11) Noise or silence when you write? I think I may have to sneak the eleventh question in. : )

    I also like your writing advice — because it’s so true. The writing feeds the writing. It’s great when creativity hits and all these ideas swirl around a writer’s mind, but if we don’t write it down/do the writing, we’ll lose those seeds and snippets.

    Thanks for doing the Meme! I loved the peek into your wonderful, talented mind.


  7. love it…so you have a snobbish muse. Good to know. My muse is a little more bitchy than snobbish..sometimes I have to slap her around to get her to work…

  8. Nice answers 🙂

  9. Hey Venus,

    Oddly, yesterday I didn’t do *any* work on my novel. At all. I can’t remember the last time that happened. My mind was totally fried.

  10. Hey Em!

    Thanks for creating this meme. (love the title, btw). I’ve always been fascinated by the creative process, too. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t peek into one of my biographies on the Brontes or Dickinson, or some other luminary. They’re so inspiring. Your home library sounds so wonderful. I am officially envious.

    As for noise or silence: Either, depending on my mood. But really, either is okay. One of my greatest talents is tuning things out. I even slept through an earthquake once. When I woke up and the newscasters were talking about it, I thought they were joking.

    My mother, I should add, was not fond of my wondrous ability to tune things out. 😉

  11. Hey Colby,

    I wouldn’t say my muse is exactly, snobby. More no-nonsense and sardonic.

    Hehe. I can *see* you smacking around your muse.

  12. Thanks Isaac!

    Hope your writing is going well. 🙂

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