Happy Birthday Emily Bronte: An Astrological Look


Emily Bronte: born July 30, 1818

Rising Sign: Scorpio

The Rising Sign, or Ascendant is the sign which is rising at the time of one’s birth.  It denotes one’s outward demeanor, how they are viewed by others, their unique imprint on the world.  How they see, and how they are perceived.

As many astrologists believe the Rising Sign to be even more important than the more well-known Sun sign (including myself, amateur that I may be) I am concentrating first on this aspect of Miss Bronte.

  Often cool and reserved on the outside, never ones to smile much, a passionate soul seethes underneath the surface.   When they become interested in a subject they study it to near obsession.  Love for them, is all or nothing.  They’d rather be alone than be in an “okay” relationship.  Intensely private, they let few people into the deeper recesses of their hearts. 

Loners, they work best alone, though they can also be good leaders with their clever and persuasive minds.  Charming conversationists, they draw the other person into speaking while they sit back and listen.  

Often psychic, they easily see through the fake masks that people wear.  They have no patience for pretense.

Extremely patient, they rarely make rash moves.  Rather they take their time feeling out situations and people. 

Usually calm, when evoked, their temper can be furious, snapping back with great cruelty as they easily see others’ soft spots.

Ruled by the planet Pluto- Rising Scorpios have intense emotions, strong sense of self, determination, and powerful imaginations. Their strength, usually is not of the outward in-your-face kind, but rather, a quiet inner power.  When they desire something, they seek their goal in an understated way, never giving up until they have achieved it.

Highly spiritual, they are often drawn to the occult, mysticism, and things unveiled.  Sharing an affinity with animals is quite common.

Sun Sign: Leo

The sun sign denotes one’s general outer personality

The fiery sun of Leo evokes a proud, exuberant presence.   Loyal and courageous, the Leo is as majestic as the King or Queen of the jungle.

 Dignified, ambitious, and charismatic, they are natural leaders.  They can be overbearing; very stubborn, once their mind is made up, it can be almost impossible for them to budge, making them difficult to deal with at times.

Kind, extremely giving,  they embrace life with a true joie de vivre.

3. Moon Sign: Cancer

The moon sign denotes one’s inner personality, including their secret fears and desires.

Moon in Cancerians have a great love and need for hearth.  They can not be far from the security of home.   Extremely sensitive, they often hide behind a hardened exterior like their symbol, the crab.  Very receptive and impressionistic, they excel in art and literature.

Due to the hardened exterior they create, they may appear sharp and “crabby”.  Ruled by the quicksilvery Moon, their moodswings are swift and ever changing.  Depressed and sullen one moment, sweet and loving the next.

Not one’s to easily open up and share their emotions, they are in truth, one of the most sensitive and romantic signs of the Zodiac.


The Old Stoic by Emily Bronte
Riches I hold in light esteem,
And love I laugh to scorn;
And lust of fame was but a dream
That vanish’d with the morn:

And if I pray, the only prayer
That moves my lips for me
Is, “Leave the heart that now I bear,
And give me liberty!”

Yes, as my swift days near their goal,
‘Tis all that I implore:
In life and death a chainless soul,
With courage to endure

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  1. So pretty. WHat a talent

  2. Hey Colby!

    I think so, too. 🙂

  3. I love this because I am a Cancerian! June 26th! I have always been curious about Astrology but I have never explored it. Can you tell me about my future?? lol

    BTW, Hi, how are you? Last time I was here you had just finished your novel, how is that going?

  4. Hey MaLanie, 🙂

    So good to hear from you. I’ve been wondering how you were. Hope everything is good with you and with your own writing.

    As for my writing, there are some agents now looking at PORTRAITS. fingers crossed. In the meantime, I’ve begun work on my next novel.

    I have a book called, “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need”. Okay, the title is a lie. Someone who wants to dig deeper will want other books. But this was the first one I read that made it easy to understand, and taught me how to do charts. I highly recommend it.

  5. YEAH for Portraits! Your writing is so good I don’t doubt it will get picked up. I am so happy for you – I wish you lots of success. Please email me when it hits the shelf so I can run out and buy a copy!

    I will look into that Astrology book, thanks!

  6. Awww. Thank you so much, MaLanie. 🙂 🙂

    And please keep me informed about your novel. You got me very intrigued about it!

  7. This was a unique way of looking at Emily Bronte! I always find your articles about authors fascinating 🙂

  8. Hey Dominique,

    Thank you so much! Maybe I’ll do more astrological charts on writers.

  9. How cool! I always learn something new when I visit your blog… I have always admired her (WH is in my top3) and would love to hear more literary readings!

  10. Thanks so much, Jan!

    I hope to have some more posts on literary figures up soon.

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