Writing Update: I Remember Jacqueline

music playing:  Carmen Prelude

Oh, bless the Muses!  I finished the first draft of my steampunk novel.   Don’t ask about that.  It’s uh…resting in a drawer for now.

But never mind that.   The big news is at the beginning of this week I became possessed.   Not the  split-pea soup throwing, head spinning one hundred and eighty degree- kind.  The good kind of possession.  As in,  I woke up one morning  with an entire novel in my head.  

I’ve mentioned many times before that my stories come to me in pieces.  Rather like a jigsaw puzzle.  Random scenes out of order, bits of dialogue…odds and ends that I need to piece together.

Not this time.  The whole story presented itself clearly to me from beginning to end. 

So then I sat down and did something very unlike me.  I outlined.  I completed the Snowflake method, and started the first draft today.

It’s a supernatural suspense that takes place in two time periods.  The “current” time is the Roaring Twenties.  The other time is the 1830s.  So I get to hang out in my beloved Victorian era, but also get to throw off those corsets, hike up the skirts, pour the gin,  crank up the Jazz, and dance the Charleston.

Tentatively titled, I Remember Jacqueline– it involves an old-fashioned whodunnit, reincarnation, and hopefully lots of fun!

How’s everyone else doing?

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  1. Gypsy: Your dream/novel sounds fantastic! Good luck with that.

    And congrats to you for finishing the steampunk. The resting in the drawer part is like letting break rest and rise into something lovely…

  2. Oops I meant *bread*

  3. Hi Jewel,

    Thanks so much! And good analogy on letting the bread rise. 🙂

  4. Congrats on finishing the steampunk novel! That’s great. 🙂

    Oooo, I love both those time periods and your story sounds delish!

    I’m getting over a bad cold but I’m proud of myself in that I kept writing in spite of. I’m currently working on two writing projects and prepping for a third.

  5. Yay on both accounts!

  6. ^5 on finishing the steampunk novel! Wow, you really blasted through that, too, didn’t you? It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago you talked about starting it.

    I’m in awe that you got the whole new novel in one info dump from …where ever those things come from! 😉 Rock on!

  7. Sounds exciting. My current project is revealing itself slowly, backwards and forwards. Such are the dark and mysterious ways of the writer’s mind.

  8. God, I love that feeling. If only it would hit me in the middle of the book.

    Yay! for the good kind of possession, and a double-yay! for the Snowflake method. I can’t quite pull it off, but I’m planning to try phase outlining when the time for book 3 in my series comes around.

  9. Thanks Jenna! And glad to hear you’re getting over that cold. Seems a lot of people are sick now.

    Kudos to you for working through it. I find when I’m sick, I either can’t write at all, or I write in a hazy, white heat where the words just flow. Probably because I’m too sick to worry about the quality, so my nasty inner editor is totally shut off 😉

  10. Thanks Melanie!


  11. Thanks DD!

    I’m pretty in awe of how “I Remember Jaqueline” came to me, too. Since I know a repeat performance of such a delightful inspirational experience cannot be counted on, I’m *really* appreciating this one!

  12. Hey Ralfast,


    The way your story is coming to you, sounds like how mine usually come to me. This is why, my seeing this particular story so clearly in linear fashion is so wonderfully surprising. 🙂

    Hope you’re doing okay, btw.

  13. Hey Amy,


    I recall that you are an outliner. Since I tend not to be (at least not until the first draft is done)- its doublely surprising that I would attempt the Snowflake. But once I woke with the idea in my head, I thought it would be a good idea to outline it for a change. Looked up Snowflake- and everything just flowed out with little effort.

    I know the rough patches will come as I actually write the novel. They always do. So that’s why I’m so appreciative of this moment! 🙂

  14. Congrats on all your good work. Your newest sounds intriguing.
    Meanwhile, I’m off in left field from y’all…writing Midwest travel stories for my blog, writing about a couple of local gallery shows for a community blog serving a batch of metro Detroit apartment buildings and churning out another batch of entries for a reference book about Michigan.

  15. Hi Dominique,

    Thank you!

    And that’s wonderful that your travel essays are appearing in a reference book. Congratulations!

    Have you been in one before?

  16. I am *so* proud of you, and so happy for you! Hooray for you! Woo Hoo! I can’t wait to read it. : )

    Thank God for the writing. It’s definitely the antidote to querying, and to almost everything else, too.

    I started my post-apoc novel to get my mind off things, and it’s definitely the balm. I now have two WIPs at 20 thou — the post-apoc I’ll finish (first draft)before or by the third week of October, the other (YA) I’ll add 50,000 words to for NaNoWriMo (only a month away! : )

    I’m on a schedule of 2000 words a day, and I’m also back into my beta work.

    I plan to take December off from editing either WIP to write a few short stories that have been bumping around my brain, and to fully soak in the holidays. It’s been a long, although exciting, year.

    Anyway, big congratulations to you. : ) I know how hard you work; you deserve all the kudos in the world.


  17. Dayum!!!!! Awesomeness. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more as the process unfolds 🙂


  18. Awesome! I’ve only had one novel present itself to me in a dream and I only got the beginning and end 😛 I can’t work on it though until I get my current project finished.

  19. Thanks Em! :))

    And so glad to hear that you’re keeping so busy. The post apoc novel sounds so intriguing, and quite different than TGND.

    Hard to believe NaNo is so close…

  20. Thanks Sput!

    I’ll definitely be keeping you posted. 😉

  21. Hi Dara,

    Thanks! And I hope your own WIP is going well.

  22. Congratulations on being so inspired!

    I tried the Snowflake method once and, while I did get a full plotline down, I found that when I sat down to write I had no drive to.

    So it doesn;t work for me, but I hope it does for you.

  23. Thanks so much, Misaditas!

    I don’t want to jinx myself, so I’ll just say *thus far* my WIP is going well after doing the Snowflake. 😉

  24. Congrats on finishing! What a great feeling!

  25. Thanks, Colby! 🙂

    Though I must admit, the Steampunk novel will be put aside for a quite awhile as I work on my WIP, “Jacqueline”. But, yeah, still nice to know that I have another first draft done to work on later.

    Hope all is well with you.

  26. Hello,
    Congratulations on finishing the Steam Punk and your new mystery sounds wonderful. That is always the glorious moment isn’t it when you see the story or novel and just follow along? Sometimes you have to work a bit to get there but when it happens – it’s GRACE. I do love time slip novels and so it sounds perfect to me! Good to meet another Daphne/mystery lover. xx

  27. Hi Josephine,

    Thanks so much for stopping by; and for your sweet words. Much appreciated!

    I loved what you said about grace. It really does feel that way. It’s such a blissful moment when all the hard work pays off. 🙂

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