Of Writing Funks and Micro Journals

So, last night I was musing on how to get out of a little pre-wintry funk.  I realized I needed to do something different.  I gazed at my netbook and then at one of my journals I have strewn around.  (As a side note it doesn’t matter that I leave them about.   A graphologist couldn’t decipher my handwriting)  Anyhow, it dawned on me that despite all the random ideas, day-to-day stuff, and dreams that I jot down- I haven’t written out any full-length project by hand in an eternity.

Aha!   Time to buy a brand-new journal.

So off I went today to the Stationary Store which had  the hindsight of choosing my street for its location.   There I happily browsed at all the beautiful and over-priced journals.  The one with  Klimt’s, The Kiss?  Raphael’s, The Angels?  Or…then I saw the tiny, pocket-sized journals at the front of the table.

Ungypsyscarlett, reading my mind, shook her head.  “Sure, the size is very convenient, but it would be utterly impractical to write, to really write in that thing.”

“It would be terribly silly.” I agreed.

  Ungypsyscarlett sighed with relief.  “Indeed.  I mean, it’s not meant for the kind of writing you had planned for it.”

“It would be terribly silly.” I repeated as I took the micro format, 160 page, unlined, antique-ish covered journal to the cashier.

So I have my terribly silly micro journal and two new extra fine black pens and the funk seems to be lifting.

If you’ve been in a little funk, is there anything you are doing for a change of pace?

And here’s some Rasputina:

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  1. I’m trying to get to my old schedule, which I abandoned when I got into the funk in the first place (and spending a week or more mostly in bed didn’t help either.)

  2. Hey Ralfast,

    I hope you find something to help you out of your funk soon. Maybe try going to a museum or someplace you haven’t been before. Something artistic that will inspire you…

  3. Oooo, I find it so hard to resist those lovely little blank books. I have a gorgeous one I bought quite some time ago, which I have yet to start writing in. It’s almost too pretty 😉 I found one a long time ago with pictures of the Tarot de Marseille on the cover, and incredibly did not purchase it. I have been kicking myself ever since.

    These days, I’m feeling a new tarot deck purchase coming on, but it may have to wait until after the holidays.

  4. Hey DD,

    Oh, I hate that. The worst is when you run back to the store the next day, and despite it being listed in the inventory, it’s no longer anywhere to be found. (even after you and some poor salesclerk have torn apart the place looking for it)

    It’s not a tarot, but if you wanted to try something different, I love the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards. I use them almost everyday and they’re eerily accurate. Here’s a bit on them:


    Oh, and I listened to the Score broadcast with the Wuthering Heights soundtrack you had mentioned to me. So lovely!

  5. I’ve seen those cards. Very interesting, I may have to add them to the collection! 😉

    Oh good! I’m glad you enjoyed The Score. This Sat. Edmund is doing music from Christmas-themed movies, which sounds fun. I love that program, try to catch it every week.

  6. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve been listening to the channel often. 🙂

  7. To get out of my funk I’m going on a trip for New Years with my best friend! Hooray! And when U get back, my brain is going to be reset and ready to rumble!

  8. I find that the lovlier the journal, the less likely I am to use it. The one I have now (6 X 8″ midsize that I also decided was too impractical) was on clearance at the beginning of the school year. The plastic cover is adorned with chicks, (no, not chick-ens) in sunglasses and dangly earrings. I adore it and write like mad in it. Hope you feel the same way with your micro-book. Funk begone!

  9. Heya Colby,

    I hope your trip is tons of fun, and just what you needed. 🙂

  10. Hey Amy M,

    Glad you’re enjoying writing in your chick-covered (not chickens) journal.

    I started using my micro journal last night and *love* it. The one downsize, as I knew, would be it’s a bit difficult to write in. (not compfy to sprawl on the bed and write in like a normal size journal) But it totally, totally shut off my inner-editor. I just had fun as I wrote. So perfect for first drafts.

  11. See, I feel this way about those superthick spiral-bound Five Star college ruled notebooks with the flower-pattered plastic covers and all the ridiculously useless section separators. I think this is some high school throwback, but I can’t be sure: I could just be that much of a geek.

    To get out of my current funk, I am plotting world domination.

    (okay, just a few career changes. but you never know how it might turn out.)

  12. Heya Amy,

    Well, if we must have a world dictator, I think you’d be a fun one to have. Only I utterly refuse to use flower-pattered plastic covered- notebooks.

    Err, I mean, only Queen Amy World Dominator is worthy of those. 😉

  13. Wait, how small is the micro-journal? I wonder if it’s actually the size of my most useful ones… 🙂

    Is it working to alleviate the winter grumps?

  14. Heya Sput,

    It’s 70×90 mm. Here’s a picture of it:


    And yes- it’s working! I definitely feel more relaxed, lighthearted writing in it. 🙂

  15. It seems the old routine did the trick! Writing again, and embracing the season.

  16. Morning Ralfast,

    I’m so happy to hear that!

    In retrospect, that’s one good thing about funks. Once one manages to get out of it, one feels more energized than before.

  17. I love the idea of a completely impractical journal to kick you out of a writing funk. Good luck!

  18. Thanks, Melanie! 🙂

    Thus far it really is working. The very fact that it looks so unprofessional has been perfect for shutting off the evil innner-editor. It’s a much different feeling than sitting down in front of the computer.

    Hope your writing is going well, too.

  19. EXCELLENT. 🙂

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