Reading, Writing, and Voodoo

Little tidbits:

1.  I am on chapter eleven of Sturmhöhe; and all I can say is,  “My poor little head!”

2.    I haven’t been sleeping much at night because my mind is twisting and turning with ideas for my WIP.  It’s such a frustrating yet exhilerating feeling.  Two characters are mocking me, staying just within my peripheral vision.   On the plus side, I saw a picture of my protagonist and suddenly everything clicked.  (hint:  thanks, DD!)

3. Vodou card of the day:  Petro Houngan

from Sallie Glassman’s, New Orleans Voodoo Tarot : “The houngan of fire represents the fiery part of fire.   He is the virtue of fire doubled back upon itself.  It burns with great intensity but is easily exhausted if other elements do not come into play.   It has but one course, and that is to burn straight through.”

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  1. I wish I could give up sleep to write. Unfortunately my boss expects me to be conscious and functional (the nerve!) during the day 😉

    :::scratching chin::: Hmm… picture, huh? Much puzzlement now.

  2. One of the weirdest experiences I had while writing my novel was walking into the grocery store and there was my villain standing right there in produce!

  3. DD,

    Oh, I’d thought you’d get it immediately. Okay, here’s a much grander hint: the picture is from a certain deck that you’ve been fixated on lately.

    And I agree. Your boss does have some nerve. The Muse is she who must be obeyed! 😉

  4. Hi Liz,

    Heh! I love that! 🙂

    Did you follow them around the market? *giggles at the thought*

  5. aha 😉 Yes yes, much inspiration to be found there. I’m now asking Karen to do a BoGo wall calendar. I so need one for my cube at work. Wouldn’t THAT just be the cat’s meow??

  6. I’ve been wanting to get the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot deck! Have to put it on my wish list.

  7. DD,

    Let me know if she does make the calendar.

    And…I pre-ordered the deck today. *squee* 🙂

    (that is The Bohemian Gothic Tarot for those interested in what the heck DD and I are talking about)

  8. Heya Jenna,

    The New Orleans Voodoo tarot is really fascinating, and it comes with a full-size, informative book. Mostly, I appreciate that the author writes in a very down-to-earth manner.

  9. Oh Yay! Did you go for the deluxe, gilt-edged version or the standard? I’m so excited, I can hardly wait for them to arrive.

    Hopefully now that I’ve raised the issue others will chime in with support for a calendar (wall, desk, day planner…all of the above 😉 )

    I got a little jolt of inspiration from my Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night this evening. I’m working it into the further adventures of my vampire novel (probable sequel).

  10. The standard.

    Regarding the calendar, is there a thread somewhere to voice my opinion on that? Because count me in on loving the idea of one.

    And I’m so happy that your vamp deck has inspired you! Can’t wait to read more of your novel. 🙂

  11. currently my WIP is been extremely frustrating. I’m struggling to get inside the mind of my protagonist. It’s become a slow process and I want to move it a long faster, but nothing short of me going out a killing someone will get me into the right frame of mind. Unfortunately i can’t justify murder for a short story.

  12. You could probably e-mail them through their Web site Bohemian Gothic. I left the message on the FaceBook page, but I don’t think you’re a FB member?

    Chazz, seriously, go the Web site, and look through all the cards in the deck. You never know what one of those images might trigger. (trigger-gun-kill… let’s free associate 😉 )

  13. Chazz,


    Yes, I’d rather not hear about you on the news that way. 😉

  14. DD,

    No, I’m not on FB. Thanks for the suggestion of emailing them.

  15. mmm, that would be an interesting way to finish the story….turning it into metafiction

  16. *gasp* LOVE that part of writing! 🙂 🙂

    I haven’t written in almost three weeks, what with the cruise and then the head cold. Am barely hanging on right now at work (yep, I’m at work right now :))…want desperately to go home and sleep…

    Enjoy the fire of fiction!!! (uh, the metaphorical fire and not the book entitled “fire of fiction.” but you knew that :))

  17. I, too, have wished I could stay up all night one night to write. I couldn’t though, because my sleep schedule is finally somewhat straight and if I did I might never get it bacK!

  18. Sputsie!!

    You’ve been missed!

    Now get better and go work on your WIP. I’m waiting to read it when it’s done. (demand uttered with an ever-so-sweet smile)

  19. Heya Colby,

    It’s usually weekends that I’ll do an all-nighter. But I can’t plan it. The times I’ve tried inevitably lead to failure. But once in awhile, I’ll just get into that wonderful zone.

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