Thirty Days of Writing Meme: Day Two- Number of Characters

2.  How many char­ac­ters do you have?

Oh, an untold number of characters live in my head, awaiting their turn to be written about.  But I’ll stick to the ones in PORTRAITS  since they’ve been fully realized.

Just a quick glimpse at them:

1.  Anne- My fiery 19 year-old protagonist.  Lover of penny dreadfuls and Gothic Romances.   Upon discovering her ability in communicating with the dead, she sets her ambitions on becoming a prominent medium.

2.  Daphne- Anne’s cousin.    Chess player,  autodidact, polygot with an obsession with Tarot

3. Beth- Daphne’s taciturn younger sister.   Artist and poet.  Very strange objects can be found hidden in her room.

4.  Sheridan- Daphne’s charming, gambling husband

5.  Uncle Gerard- studier of the Occult.  Spends a lot of time alone in his study

6. Grace- the omniscient servant

7.   Mr. Raferat and Mrs. Brent- old friends of Uncle Gerard.   Learned in the Occult and practicing Spiritualists, they are more than happy to aid Anne in her pursuit of knowledge

8.  Mary- the very angry dead girl


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  1. Interesting cast of characters, especially the last one.

  2. I’ll be interested to read how your Tarot-obsessed character discovered the Tarot. Crowley’s and Waite’s decks were still in the future, Marseilles was pretty much the only option during the Victorian era (apart from various Lenormand-style decks). Just tell me she didn’t learn from the gypsies! 🙂

  3. Lovely cast of characters. Do you mind if I steal this meme for my own blog? lol.

  4. Ralfast,

    *giggles evilly*

    She’d love to meet you…

  5. DD,

    I really didn’t go into detail about how she got them. I just checked to make sure that some Tarot were in existence then.

    Funny that you should mention Gypsies. I had toyed with the idea of her using regular playing cards for divination instead. (which I have heard the Romany tended to use)

  6. Thanks Lyra.

    And go right ahead with the meme. I’d love to read your answers!

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