Writing Meme: Day 8- Favorite Genre

8. What’s your favorite genre to write? To read?

Literary horror or psychological horror!  As my character, Anne says of her penchant for reading shudder novels,  “It’s a lot of fun to be frightened.”

That’s what I hope to do.  I don’t consider what I write to be truly horror.   That’s the terrible, depressing things on the news.   I want to give my readers the fun kind of chills.   And yes, I imagine wrapped up in an afghan, or snuggled under the bedcovers, unable to sleep, partly from fright, and partly because they must find out what that shadow in the corner is…

That said, I also love  writing noir (blame that one on a classic film obsession), and writing magical realism.  As one fascinated by dreams, I love exploring the inner and the outer worlds and how they blend together as one.

As for reading- I’m eclectic as you can get.  Okay, you won’t find category romance or westerns on my bookcase, but you will find everything from Shakespeare to the Brontes to Bradbury to Wilkie Collins Shirley Jackson to Iris Murdoch to Terry Pratchett to Agatha Christie to George R.R. Martin to Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  There are so many great stories and writers out there, I could never limit myself to one genre.

What about you?


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  1. Well. I had always intended to write science fiction. I cut my reading teeth on the genre, I think I read Bradbury’s “The Martian Chronicles” in the third grade (probably didn’t understand a lot of it, but still), and now somehow have found myself pulled into writing horror/fantasy/magical realism.

    As for reading, much like you. I read my share of Regency romances (Georgette Heyer, specifically) back in the day, but that was the end of the romances for me. For years all I read was sci-fi, I belonged to the Science Fiction Book Club (along with most other mail order book clubs). I do recall reading a lot of gothic mysteries, but I don’t actually remember any of the titles! 🙂 Maybe the seed was planted long ago…

  2. Definitely high fantasy, both to read and to write. 🙂 I enjoy literary mainstream, sci-fi, all types of fantasy, and mystery/crime, but nothing so much as I do a good epic fantasy.

    Tasha, have you read Kadrey’s Sandman Slim? It’s definitely urban fantasy, but it’s dark and bloody, and the writing is so dry and metaphor intensive it feels a lot like noir. If you’re looking for something fun (and often hilarious) it’s definitely worth the $. 🙂

  3. Heya DD,

    I think the seed was planted in most of us a long time ago. From all my love of reading, writing seemed a natural progression.

    Do you have any favorite sci-fi books?

  4. Morning Amy,

    No, I haven’t. Thank you so much for the suggestion. Another book to add to my list. 🙂

  5. I meant the gothic mysteries I read years ago may have planted the seed for my current interest in horror 🙂

    Fav scifi books? Yikes, well, I was always fond of Asimov’s “The Foundation Trilogy,”; “The Gods Themselves”; “Childhood’s End” by Arthur C. Clarke; “A Canticle for Liebowitz” by Walter M. Miller… I could go on and on! 🙂

  6. It’s pretty much non-fiction with me (both reading and writing).
    Reading-biographies of women, architecture (especially bridges), history (the Gilded Age in the US is a big interest right now), true crime, art & photography (especially monographs about individual artists/photographers)…things waiting on my desk to start reading include a couple of books about and by the Transcedentalists (just finishing watching a taped class about that), “Waiter Rant”, “Eat Pray Love”, and a batch of regional travel titles (mostly Midwest, natch!).
    I do occasionally read fiction-the most recent reads in that area were several mysteries written by Michigan author Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli (and set in northern Michigan).

    Writing-I came out of a background of writing for Chamber of Commerce newsletters and spent about ten years writing mostly business stories for a chain of local weeklies, plus a few more years writing advertorial fodder for a local glossy. When the bottom fell out of the print market around here for freelancers, I hopped online to write the regional travel stories I always wanted to write. These days, you’ll find my writing primarily at my regional travel (Midwest US) blog and looking for ways to develop my travel writing into other opportunities.

  7. DD,

    Shockingly, I haven’t read any Asimov. I know. I know…

  8. Hey Dominique,

    I hadn’t even thought of non-fiction when I was mentioning my favorite genres. My mind was so focused on fiction.

    For non-fiction, I love anything 19th century. I know, huge surprise. I’m also totally fascinated by ancient history.

    Your blog is so great, I’m sure you will find ways to further your travel writing. I can’t recall if I asked this before, but have you thought of writing a book about places you’ve traveled around in the midwest? I love how you often blog about places that are not as well known.

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