Writing Meme: Day 11- Favorite Characters

11. Who is your favorite character to write? Least favorite?

These questions are almost impossible to answer!

Presently, I would have to choose my mysterious witch, Beth.  The dark sphinx.   She was one of those characters who I knew inside and out from the very beginning, and our relationship only deepened through various drafts.  But I also had found such joy in writing of the exploits of Mr. Raferat and Mrs. Brent.   Most of all the sardonic banter between the two.

I don’t have a least favorite character.   All characters are in a story for a reason.  There are some that are certainly more challenging because they reveal themselves slowly, displaying more aspects of their personality through each draft.    But if they didn’t belong, I’d cut them out and wait for their correct story to come along.

How about you?

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  1. I don’t know if I can pick a favorite child 😉

    Ok I lied, I can. Andrej, my vampire. Well, he’s one of the vampires, but he’s the MC.

    Least fav? Erm…maybe the female protagonist, who shall remain nameless (because I’m thinking of changing her name AGAIN). She just kind of bores me. I really need to work on her, expand her role.

  2. Now how did I have a feeling it would be Andrej for you? 🙂

    Regarding your female protagonist, you really might want to change her name. Going back to what I mentioned on my post on character names, I swear that one of the most important things for me is to get their name correct. Otherwise, they just ignore me.

  3. Oh, same here. It usually stops me cold, I can’t write a thing until I get a name. I thought I had one, but was told it seemed a little too ‘ordinary’ so I switched it to what it is now. I’m not sure I like it, though, but nothing else is leaping out at me.

  4. each new character becomes the favourite one, it couldn`t be any other way. at least for me, I write when I metaphysically fall in love with the things in my head.

  5. Hi Amy,

    Good point. When I’m writing a character, it’s because I’m driven to tell their story. So in that sense, every current character is a favorite.

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