Of Regency and the Jazz Age Fashion

Yeah!  Now that I have finished the latest revisions on Portraits of the Living: A Ghost Tale, I can finally dip back into I Remember Jacqueline, my novel of murder and reincarnation.

As the two timelines take place primarily in 1820s and 1920s, I thought it would be fun to take a quick, pictorial female fashion tour through those decades.


female fashions:

File:Kiprensky Anna Sagur.jpg

File:Nanette Kaula - Joseph Karl Stieler.jpg

File:Natalia Stepanovna Golitsyna .jpg

File:Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres 010.jpg

File:Ingres Madame Marie Marcotte.jpg

File:Maria Carolina di due Sicilies, duchess de Berry.jpg

File:Stieler strobl 1827.jpg

One hundred years later:

File:Louise Brooks ggbain.32453u.jpg

File:Ailsa Mellon Bruce.jpg

File:Alicejoyce1926full crop.jpg

File:Norma Shearer portrait.jpg

File:A Scena Muda 1921.jpg

pictures include: Louise Brooks, Norma Shearer, Norma Talmadge, Josephine Baker, Clara Bow,  Bebe Daniels, and Zelda Fitzgerald


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  1. What a difference a century makes! The fabrics are gorgeous, you just don’t see this stuff anymore. Now it’s all denim and polyester. Love the cloche hats from the 1920s, they seem to be making a little bit of a comeback recently, among hat-wearers at least. Funny how hats have fallen out of favor with the population at large.

  2. Heya DD,

    I used to have a hat collection and was thinking recently that I’d love to buy some new ones. And I was thinking specifically 1920s.

    I’ve always loved the fashions from that time, and since I am now writing about it, of course my feelings for it have tripled.

  3. It’s simply SHOCKING to see pictures of those two periods together!! I can only imagine how shocked the elderly must have been by the rapid change in fashion. 🙂 🙂

  4. I love that you put these pictures up. Whenever I write period pieces, I always post pictures up of the real people from that time around my computer.

  5. I miss that style.

  6. Hiya Sput,

    I know! And the early 19th century was much less restricted than it was later at the height of Victorianism.

    Getting away from fashion for a moment, I recall reading a bit on Laura Ingalls Wilder- how in later years she tried to buy her parents a car. And I can’t imagine how crazy that must have been for ma and pa Ingalls. One day, they’re building little log houses on the prairie and driving horse-drawn carriages…and then suddenly, mechanical cars are whizzing by.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    So glad you like the pictures. And thank you for stopping over at my blog. 🙂

    I just found a great Flapper girl postcard that shall be placed by my computer.

  8. Hey Chazz,

    It is a fantastic style. I do have some pieces that have a twenties touch to them. Oh, I know writing this shall lead me to shopping! 🙂

  9. I love these photos–I’ve always been a bit of a costume fan, and I especially love the Jazz and Gilded Ages.

  10. I would dress in that style if I lived in the right climate for it

  11. I’m kinda glad some of those headpiecs went out of style–look uncomfortable to me!

  12. I love the cloche hats.

    I think the off the shoulder style of the 1820s would bug me to no end. It would feel like my sleeve was slipping off all the time or something.

  13. Hi Dominique,

    It was a great style. 🙂

  14. Heya Colby,

    The 1820s headpieces? Yeah…just a tad heavy, eh? 😉

  15. Hi Lyra,

    I plan on buying a cloche hat. 🙂

    And the off-the-shoulder look is one I actually do like from the 1820s.

  16. I love the 1920’s look because I’m small breasted and during that time chicks actually were going for the flat-chested look. They even had bras that would smoosh your boobs down.

    I like the fifth dress. Although I’m so small it would like it swallowed me up. I’m not to crazy about the hairstyle though.

  17. Hello, I love the 1920s and 30s style but they wouldn’t have suited my body type. 50’s was probably more for this hour glass. Congratulations on finishing your revisions. I adore time slip books. My current one which is a mystery (Poets Cottage) in the 1930s and present day goes between the two. They are fun to read and write. xx

  18. Lyra,

    Yup. That hairstyle does leave something to be desired!

    My favorite dress is the yellow one from the 1920s. And I wouldn’t mind having those pajamas that Louise Brooks is wearing. Also could happily see myself in the very last pic- the white dress with hat.

  19. Thanks, Josephine.

    Oooh…yours sounds so interesting! And I love the title of it!

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