New Blog!

Hi everyone!

I finally finished my second novel.  Can not believe it’s been so long since I blogged.   I’ve truly missed everyone, but really needed this time (mostly) away from the internet to concentrate on my writing.

Now returned, I realized I needed a change here.  As much as i love reading and writing about the Victorian era, all the crinoline and corsets were suffocating me a bit.   So I am branching out at my new blog:  Harlow’s Museum of Horror and Delights.

There you’ll find posts on all things I love or at least find interesting, from the Victorian era to classic films to the occult and much much more.

This shall be my final post here, but want to thank everyone who read it and were so supportive and thoughtful in their comments.


edit to add: oh, and if I happen to be on your blogroll, if you could change my address link to my new one, I’d be much appreciative.  Thank you!  🙂

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