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“I’ll walk where my own nature would be leading:  It vexes me to choose another guide.” – Emily Bronte

For those curious: I am a writer.  Currently, I am querying a gothic novel set in 19th century New England, and am working on a new supernatural tale. I’ve had short stories published in the past- mystery, fantasy, and erotica.  But my dream is to be a novelist.

Some general info: I’m a proud Sun Leo, passionate Rising Scorpio, and playful Moon Sagittarius.

My interests  and loves include books, learning German, classic films, Victorian history, art, the Occult,  dream-working, astrology, and tarot. I’m curious about most everything and love a good mystery.


Published on July 20, 2008 at 10:11 am  Comments (54)  

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  1. I really love your blog and will check it weekly! Way to go!!! So inspring!

  2. Thank you! 🙂

  3. I came across your blog by being part of the bronte yahoo groups. it was amazing reading through it. i love wuthering heights and going through the review in your blog was a delightful experience..it describes the book aptly.. i will be looking out for blogs more often now!

  4. Chandini,

    Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my blog. It’s only a few days old. Your opinion on my WH review especially means a lot to me, since you are a fellow Bronte group member.

  5. I find your website to be a scintillating read! Well worth perusing. I will forward it to my friends for their reading pleasure as well! So inspiring. Nasha

  6. Hi Nasha,

    Thank you so much! I hope your friends enjoy it as well 🙂

  7. I’m glad to learn of your blog through AW — you’re doing a nice job!


  8. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you so much! Your comment is much appreciated. 🙂

  9. Ha, our astrology is the same! I’m a Leo, with my moon in Sagittarius, and Scorpio is my ascendant! 🙂


  10. Digital Dame,

    You mean there’s another me out there?! 🙂

    I read somewhere that one’s rising sign was once considered even more important than one’s sun. And to this day, astrologists say that Scorpio is such a strong sign that it overpowers everything else in the chart. I’ve found that to be totally true in my case. I relate so much to Scorpio.

    Is it the same for you?

    I’m also quite giddy that my beloved Emily Bronte was also a Sun Leo/ Rising Scorpio. (but with moon in Cancer)

  11. I would have to agree that a lot of what they say about Scorpios is true for me, moreso than the Leo traits. I’ve always known I was an atypical Leo, I do not seek the spotlight, and don’t really like to take charge of things unless I have to, and so on. Reading more about Scorpios I can definitely see more that pertains to me! Interesting, I had not heard about that before.

  12. Same exact here. The only Leonine traits I relate to are being proud and stubborn. But all that seeking attention, center-of-the-party stuff? Please. I’m the quiet girl sitting in the corner.

    Here’s a link to Rising Scorpios if you’re interested. I find it very fascinating.


  13. Hi gypsyscarlett, you have such a beautiful site! I had to smile as I am also a Leo and I amm reading the above posts, all in row Leos! I have an Aquarian ascendant and Capricorn Moon. I have been teaching Astrology for about 15 years.

    Your rising Scorpios make you very psychic. Great transformers for good and you have a special capacity to recreate yourself. Do you think that your emotional link to Emily is really something more?

    I am also a Leo who dislikes the limelight. We are more like the lovely Lion in the wizard of Oz.

    Thankyou for your heartwarming comments and I will be back to read more here.

    Kateri x

  14. Hi Kateri,

    Thank you! I’m definitely going to be back to read your blog, too. It’s off to such a beautiful start.

    And another anti-limelight Leo. I like your comparison to the Lion in the Wizard of Oz.

    How cool that you teach astrology! A passionate subject of mine.

    Hmmm…Emily Bronte. Interesting question. When I was a kid and first read about her, I thought how much she sounded like me. Then years later when I did her chart (and found it eerily similar to mine-not just the Sun/Rising but other aspects, too) it made sense. I like to think of her as my Muse and have mentally called upon her when the writings going tough. Maybe we have a bond or maybe it’s all in my head. I figure- good inspiration is good inspiration. 🙂

  15. I just wanted to say I love your new look 🙂

  16. Thanks Janflora! 🙂

    But I’m a bit confused. I gather you mean my avatar. (I switched from the character Mrs. Lovett to a pic of Myrna Loy). My settings show the new Loy pic, but on my blog itself I’m still seeing the old Lovett pic. But it seems like you see the new one.

    Weird. Maybe there’s a glitch somewhere.

  17. Hey Astro Sis,

    I’m confused. I’m not seeing Myrna Loy, but didn’t you used to have a different Mrs. Lovett pic? Where is the Myrna picture supposed to be showing up?

  18. Heya Astro Sis,

    That’s *my* question. The Myrna pic is showing as my avatar under profile settings- but on the blog itself (the comments) it’s still Mrs. lovett.

    Yup, I’ve had a few different Mrs. Lovett avatars. I want the Myrna avatar to show up. But Mrs. Lovett is not going gently into the good night!

  19. Here, this may be what’s going on. It’s a difference between Avatar, and Blavatar:


  20. Thanks DD.

    I have the same Myrna pic for both avatar and blavatar. The blavatar is showing correctly. On top of the page I see it next to the url. It’s the avatar (the one to be shown beside comments) that isn’t working.

    Just for the heck of it, I’m going to try a different pic for avatar and see what happens.

  21. Gypsy, I am suppose to be working on my book on this lovely, rainy morning but I’m engrossed in your blog instead! I like you, I relate with you and I admire your writing style.

    I have not read The Sea Priestess, or even heard of it. After reading your blog I am curious and will have to add it to my growing book list.

  22. Hey MaLanie,

    Wow! Thank you so much. Your words are so sweet; they just made my day.

    But…hmm…I’d feel guilty if you didn’t get your work done…so get thee back to your book. I want to see it on the shelf one day. 🙂

  23. How do I become a follower? I don’t see a link…

  24. Hey MaLanie,

    I don’t have one of those follower button things. I think that’s a feature only blogspot has.

    To add people to my blogroll, I either just hit the “add” link if they’re WordPress, or copy and paste their url if they’re Blogspot.

    I’m gathering blogspot works the same way? Computers are definitely not my forte!

    btw, I hope your writing (and everything else) is going well. 🙂

  25. Oh, thank you! It’s going well, some days the writing flows while other days I have to force it.

    Well, Im not a techy person myself. Im not quite sure how to get you on the follow list. Oh, I could add you to my favs! There we go problem solved! Now, I can check back more often.

  26. Gypsy, would you be interested in doing an interview on my blog?
    I have decided to do a once a week interview. I think it’s fun and I love promoting other writers.

    I don’t see a contact link on your site. So, if you want come on by my place and click on my profile (you will find an email link.) and let me know if you are interested.

  27. Hey Tasha!
    I was just at a blog reading a post by a Literary Agent who is looking for Steampunk/Victorian, Historical Horror. I thought of you and wanted to pass on the post. I don’t know if its a right fit or not but thought you could look into it.

    My best,


  28. Melanie,

    It’s so good to hear from you. And thank you so much for thinking of me. 🙂 I’ll definitely go check that out.

    I hope everything is well with you?

  29. Hi Tasha,

    I came across your website today and have really enjoyed browsing through and reading your posts. I hope your novel’s coming along well and I wish you every success with it. I can understand your interest in such writers as the Brontës and especially Emily. I live over the pond from you and although I work in a city the moorland has a hold on me that is never far away.

    Like you I’ve got a novel in mind. Haveing spent the last three years doing a masters in literature I’ve had to keep my enthusiasm in check but now I’ve finished I’m going to get to work on this in the new year. Mine will be a realist novel with gothic elements and set in the years preceding Victoria’s ascension to the throne. I think you’ll agree it would have been easier to write a novel in the present day though I think doing so would have lost half of the fun. It’s extremely challenging though. If you don’t already do so, try using a mind mapping programme such as PersonalBrain or Xmind, I’ve found these incredibly useful.

    Anwayay, well done and keep up the good work 🙂 I’ve not read half of the stuff you’ve posted so can’t wait to do so.

    PS, if you know anything about steam ships between Liverpool to New York in the 1820/30s I’d be interested to know what you know.

    Take it easy,

  30. Hi John,

    Thank you for stopping by and for all your kind words. Presently, my ghost/haunted house novel is being read by a couple of agents (fingers crossed); and I’m in the middle of working on another novel.

    I’m very glad to hear that you’re starting to work on the story that’s been brewing inside of you for three years. One has to follow their passion! And as a side note, yours definitely sounds like my cuppa tea.

    Indeed, writing stories in the past has some unique challenges. But the thing that I always remember is that people are people. Fashion, slang, technology and all that may change…but people a hundred years ago went through all the same day-to-day family and love and money problems that we do, and people a hundred years from now will go through the same things.

    I’m sorry that I don’t know anything about steam ships. That’s not something I’ve had to research (yet). But if I happen across anything, I’ll definitely let you know.

  31. Hi Tasha,

    You’re welcome. You are busy. I wish you every success with both novels. I’d love to read them.

    Well I’ve set myself the ultimate target of starting and finishing a novel in 2010 so hopefully I’ll be able to do it. I think having written an MA dissertation that’s given me the spur and confidence to do this.

    You’re absolutely correct when you said that ‘people are people’. That’s the main focus and there has to be a balance between the dialogue and detail which I know will be tricky to achieve but I’m up for the challenge.

    I’m sure I’ll find something out about the steam ships on the net.

    Best wishes,

  32. I’m just here because I loved your comment on Marian’s blog post (her review of the Christian marriage book). Well said (or written).

  33. Hi Mary,

    Thank you so much! And I’m very glad to see you over here. 🙂

  34. I’m very interested in your blog, will read it all.

  35. Thank you so much, Chastiser! Hope you enjoy what you find here. 🙂

  36. Excellent blog, I have it bookmarked!


  37. Thank you so much, Stace! I have your “Wee Ghosties” on my blog roll. 🙂

  38. Found your blog through AW 🙂 I like what I see, I’ll definitely be perusing further and checking back. I, too, am very interested in art as well as gothic/dark stories and poetry and such. Lovely!

  39. Hi Rebecca,

    Nice to meet you and thank you so very much!

    Hope you enjoy your visits here. There’s a really great, friendly group about. 🙂

  40. Hi, Gypsyscarlett–

    I’m enjoying getting to know your blog, especially since I want my second novel to be darker than the first. I can’t imagine much darKer than Wuthering Heights in German.

  41. Hi Liz!

    Thanks so much. I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying my blog. 🙂

    WH in German is definitley a heady experience!

  42. Hi, I’ve been enjoy your site for a few months now, and was wondering–Have you found much of a Victorian fiction/history community online? I’ve come across a lot of very good small sites, and some large, poorly-designed travesties, but it seems like the web is lacking a high-profile Victorian site to draw people together: a print magazine, ning, or multi-contributor blog. What do you think–Am I missing something, or is something missing?

  43. Hi Haystack,

    Thanks! Glad you’ve been enjoying my blog. 🙂

    From what I’ve seen, many sites specialize in different areas of the Victorian era. I haven’t seen a print mag, or an online magazine dedicated to Victorian times. That would be cool!

  44. You sound absolutely fascinating & its great too meet a fellow Scorpio Rising gal!!! Wishing you much luck with your Gothic writings I omagine they’ll be awesome, I look forward to checking back in….Sending Wishes your way 🙂

  45. Thank you so very much, Elegant Savage. I look forward to reading more of your blog as well.

    So interesting the number of Rising Scorpios gathering here! 🙂

  46. I’d love to ask you some questions about blogging, writing and the Victorian Gothic. If you’re interested in corresponding, please drop me an E-mail — editor@victoriangothic.org.

  47. Haystack,

    I shot you off an email. 🙂

  48. I came around your blog while scouting around Knowledge Lost’s blog ! Our interests are quite similar; I love learning new languages, films and books, philosophy and Music with Physics as a background. Would love to read more of your blog posts.

    Do give the names of the books to learn German ! Its similar to Sanskrit and would love to learn it ! 🙂

  49. Hi Ray,

    I’m so glad you came over to my blog. Thank you! 🙂

    Let’s see: I had “Living Languages German Complete Course: Basic-Intermediate, Compact Disc Edition (LL(R) Complete Basic Courses) ” That got me started. And then I also went through a series of free beginner courses online.http://german.about.com/library/anfang/blanfang_inhalt.htm

    Other than that, I’ve been watching lots of dvds and reading as much as possible. It’s a long, continuing process. 😉

    Which languages have you studied?

  50. Hi!
    You were listed in the blog buddies post over at startingoveringermany and I must say your blog looks so cool. I love Victorian novels and while you try to get through the German novels, I struggle with the English ones. I just read Wuthering Heights and it felt like I had just started to learn English. It was a little upsetting 😉 I’m looking forward to reading your stuff!

  51. Thanks so much for coming over here, MMP! And for your kind words. 🙂

    Goodness! Don’t feel bad about finding Wuthering Heights a difficult read. Many native English speakers find it difficult, especially due to the regional speech of some of the characters.

  52. Nice to discover your blog through D.D. and Filling Spaces. Appreciating the research you’ve put into your posts.

  53. Hi Chris,

    Thank you so very much! So glad you came over to my blog. 🙂

  54. Hi Tasha you have been nominated for a Liebster Award. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! http://liferealities.wordpress.com/2012/07/20/liebster-award-keep-on-writing/

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