Gothic Reading

Gothic fiction originated in 1764 with the publication of Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto.  From there, this genre which combined elements of horror and romance swept through England,  continental Europe, and even reached colonial America with the works of Washington Irving amongst others.

I’ve decided this shall be the year I study Gothic Literature in depth.  Now, if I was a purely logical person, I’d probably start my reading where it all began, namely inside that Castle of Walpole’s.

But since I enjoy doing things in my own odd ways- I thought it would be more fun to go about this in an entirely different manner.  Namely, fate would decide.

4 cards were pulled from my Bohemian Gothic Tarot Deck.

1. Devil- American Gothic

2.  Lovers- German Gothic

3.  Death- French Gothic

4.  Tower- English Gothic

Eyes shut.  Shuffling.  Card picked…


So, my long journey into the depths of the Gothic shall begin in France!

Next post: all about the French Gothic Novel

Writing Update: Faery Oracle: Luathas the Wild

This morning I closed my eyes, shuffled the Faeries Oracle deck, and withdrew Luathas the Wild.

“Luathas the Wild is filled with fire, and fire is associated with the creative life force.  This faery fires us up, gets us going, recharges our batteries and creative energies.  He likes to be around when things are exciting, when there is life force blazing high and he can jump in and encourage it to burn even higher.  Creation and passion are his bailiwick.”- from Brian Froud’s, The Faeries’ Oracle.

It is difficult to think of a more fitting card at this moment.  As I wait to hear back on my requests for Portraits of the Living: A Ghost Tale, my passion is soaring as I research for my next novel which takes place in the late 19th century.   During the last week, I have passionately (or obsessively- like any true Rising Scorpio) been studying up on issues which will be dealt with:  murder and how crime was investigated back then, 19th century asylums, the daily house life and fashions of the 1890s…

As I take notes, the creative side of my mind is twirling with ideas.

It is indeed a fun, wild time when it comes to my writing.

What is in the cards for you and your writing?

Novel Update: The Star (tarot)

music playing:  Maria Callas, Casta Diva

For the second time, I shut my eyes and drew a tarot card to write about in relation to my novel and the writing process itself.

I opened my eyes and looked upon The Star.  A  woman stands in a pond and scoops up the water that flows upward into her hands.   A  blue star shines above.

The Star is a card of hope and healing.   Of  help from unexpected sources. It speaks, not of today, but of tomorrow.    Rainbows form after storms. Dreams are possible- but it is up to the Querent to make them come true.   

The last three days, I had a hellish time revising Chapter Eight.  I would have teared out my hair if it weren’t for my Leonine vanity.   But I kept at it, reminding  myself how important my story is to me.  And that I could do it.

I received wonderful words of encouragement and inspiration from my writer friends.

Saturday 7 p.m. :   Chapter Eight revised. 

As The Star suggests, my novel won’t be finished today.    And there will, no doubt, be more struggles as I revise the second half.  But I am one chapter closer to the end.

Thank you to everyone for all your support.  Here are freshly baked magickal brownies:  not only are they delicious, but they also help you write!

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