Animal Writing Totem

The belief that everyone has an animal spirit guide is prominant in religions from all corners of the world.  From shamanism in the mountain ranges of Siberia to Celtic mythology to Native American Spirituality.

According to such belief, each person enters the world with an animal spirit who helps them throughout their life.   Along with this lifelong animal spirit, a person may encounter  totems who see them through particular trials.   Shadow animals may also appear to test a person, to make them face what they fear, and what they must overcome.

 I thought it would be fun to imagine what your animal writing totem would be if such existed.  (who knows-maybe they do!)

This exercise came to me because in the last few days,  I’ve compared myself  twice to a magpie when it comes to writing.   Endlessly curious- If I go to a website to research a particular subject for my novel, I will then follow another interesting link…and then, yet another, and another…

It’s hard for me to focus on one story because I’m always being distracted by shiny objects (ideas) everywhere.

   As magpies steal anything they can carry,  I steal inspiration from everything and anything I come across: dreams, poetry, conversations, books, music, newspaper articles, films, rain, the night sky, sunrises and sunsets, biographies, names on tombstones…

Magpies are opportunists-  and good stories are everywhere.

Further, magpies are symbols of otherworlds,  the hidden, and the mysteries of life and death.   Themes that often play in my works.

So, what would your animal writing totem be?   A wise, observant owl- perhaps writing omniscient?   Are your stories as clever and unpredictable as a monkey?   Is your writing sensitive and filled with the keen observations of a deer?  Do you write swiftly and freely as a horse?  Do you gently weave stories together like a spider?  Do your stories deal primarily with emotional issues like a dove?

Use your imagination and have fun!