BETWEEN- A New Urban Fantasy…coming soon


As one of her beta readers, I’m proud and thrilled to make this following announcement:

*Magic, dreams, and dragons (along with the odd penguin)- Kerry Schafer’s debut urban fantasy, Between is arriving at bookstores in January 2013.*

In anticipation, this week the cover is being revealed.   Each day a different portion shall be shown on a different website until it is displayed in its entirety on Ms. Schafer’s own site.

To view each picture and find out more about Between and related contests, please visit the following links:

Monday Sept 17th:

Tues, Sept 18th on

Wed, Sept 19th on

 Thurs, Sept 20th on

 and the B-I-G reveal on Friday, Sept 21st.  *Ms. Shafer is giving away three prizes: 2 twenty-five dollar Visa gift certificates and one query critique from literary agent Deidre Knight*

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  2. Tasha, thank you so much for everything – first, for being one of the best and most dedicated critiquers ever, second, for your friendship, and last of all for posting this info today.

  3. You’re a million times welcome, Kerry. So happy for you- and it was a pleasure. 🙂

  4. January is like so around the corner! I swear this year have went by so quickly. I am loving the $25 Visa gift card, who can say no to a sweepstake…at least not I.

  5. Good luck, Lora! 🙂

  6. Hi Tasha! Just dropped by after a long (and partly involuntary) break from blogging… good to see I’m not the only one. 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful New Year!

  7. Hi Marian!

    Thank you so much! I hope you are also having a great New Year. I really do hope to be able to begin blogging again soon. Really miss everyone!

  8. Hey Tasha – I’ve been trying to track you down. Could you contact me via my blog. Wanna ask you something. Sorry to resort to contacting you this way.

  9. What a fantastic idea! 🙂

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